Paul Shier interview

London England, 30/04/2008 by Niall Kenny
Paul Shier is one of the UK's most well known and well respected pros. He recently just finished a banging part for the DVS video 'Dudes Dudes Dudes' and is already well underway to filming his latest section for the new Blueprint production 'Make Friends With the Colour Blue'. We caught up with him to see where he’s at.
Photo: Ryan Gray
First off congratulations on your section in "Dudes Dudes Dudes". How long did it take to film in total?
Thanks, the part is pretty much a combination of footage from three trips in Europe. It was originally just going to be a tour video of those times, but then I got a phone call from Cole (DVS filmer) saying I was going to have a part, and that the format of the video had changed. Luckily I was in Los Angeles so I was able to film my last tricks there.

Where in the world did filming for the video take you?
Malaga, Mallorca, Germany, Austria, Bratislava. I also have a couple of tricks in there from China that Dan Magee was kind enough to hand over.

Got any funny stories from filming for the vid?
Nothing extraordinary comes to mind, but the hour long of footage that Baines and Lucien filmed of themselves drunk when they stayed up all night drinking was pretty fucking funny. I hope for there sake that it never surfaces. I think they may have even been serious rapping at some point.

Who's got your favourite part in the video?
I ain’t got a favourite part but tricks instead. Brophy’s flip to fakie. Getz' frontside flip. Baines' nollie 180 switch crook craziness. Lucien’s push. Torey’s front feeble.

How did your recent trip to Majorca go with Blueprint?
Amazing, every time I go with Blueprint it is like the first, there are so many good spots out there. Just being away with your good mates, makes any trip good. Some good moves went down which you will be seeing this year in 'Make friends with the colour blue'-
Paul looking stoked on his hat purchase from the recent Blueprint trip to Mallorca
Photo: Ryan Gray
Can we expect to see a full section from you in the new Blueprint video as well?
Of course, that is always the most important thing to me, the ball is rolling well.

Do you still manage to fit in many Fairfields sessions these days?
Every time I am in London I try to get a skate in there. The problem really is that no one ever wants to go with me. No one really likes it but anyone who grew up there loves it. The ground is pretty fucked up there though, making it hard to do anything these days. I will definitely be there over the summer, as I have to get something there for my part.

Got any big plans for the summer?
Quite busy yes, I am off to New York and Boston in a couple of weeks for some filming and to visit Blueprints American fellow Kevin Coakley. Then back to London before going on a DVS tour in Sweden and Norway, which is followed by the CPH Pro. Off to New York again from there, and then ending up back in London to try and film as much as I can before going back to Los Angeles where I have to get started on the next DVS video. I am sure there will be more little trips in between all that too. You got to keep busy.

Cheers Paul. Look out for an interview with another DVS rider on Tacky soon.

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