World's first skate-hotel

Vierli, Norway, 10/01/2012 by Jørgen Berg Pedersen
The resort Vierli in Norway has one of the best snowboardparks in the country. Now they also have the world's first skate-hotel.
Fingerboard park.
Ping pong table.
Indoor skatepark.
Rodeo bull!

Just 10 minutes away from Vierli ski resort in Telemark, Norway, the world's first skate in, skate out hotel is just been built. 


"Camp Vierli" is sponsored by Element Skateboards and is the first hotel (at least that we know of) where you can skate from your room, through the hallways, pass the fingerboard-arena and right into the neighboring skatepark.


The camp has an indoor skatepark (non heated at the monent), and a big outdoor skatepark is to be finished this spring. The latter will be site for several skatecamps and a Elements Make It Count Skatecontest (June 16-17.). Also, hotel has a media room, wireless internett, a video games and TV lounge, fingerboard skatepark, a waxing room (for snowboards)


And of course, Camp Vierli is situated south of the mountain range "Hardangervidda", and is just 10 minutes away the Vierli Resort., who has one of the best snowboard parks in all Norway. 


So if you want a trip where you can combine the beatiful Norwegian scenere/nature with some of the best skate/snowboarding facilities in all of Norway, there's no question where you should go. 


Check out Camp Vierli today!


Video. Ride through Vierli

Images: The making of Camp Vierli


Rates per nite starts at about 25 € 





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